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  1. I haven't been on in ages myself. Lol. But I came back to check up on people.
  2. Hi Aiora, I joined a new RP site, lol, So thats why I never hardly check on this site.
  3. Helly! It's been forever since we had last talked, and I wanted to leave a message. How've you been?
  4. thats good to know, oh and sorry for my late replies, I've been busy with the RPG now days, lol.
  5. Aw, I feel glad that I was missed, I have seen better days =/
  6. OMG, I haven't been called Helly since last year lol, and it still sound like a childs name or something, how are you doing? haven't heard from you in a long, long long time. we missed ya.
  7. Hehe yeah it's been ages Helly how have you been lately?
  8. Hey Ai, been too damn long lol, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I had trouble getting to a computer, lol so how you been now days? mine is doing fair lol.
  9. Howdy Helly long time no speak lol how's life treating you?
  10. *sniffles* Hi Helly i'm having nothing but hell over here DX baka family and i was raped and oi
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