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  1. whoa not that far lol, show me the funny then I'll dance lol.
  2. *giggled* yay *clapped hands* yay now why aren't you stripper for meh cake T.T
  3. Aiora happy birthday!!!!!

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you

    and blah blah blah lol

    What? am not a good singer!
  4. meanie? lol I haven't been a bully for about 3 months, what did I do to deserve this? *sticks out tongue* mmmmmmmmm
  5. T-T i thought u didn't luff me naymore xDD you meanie! lol jk xDD
  6. I'll take that as a joke due to my name lol, where the hell I've been? home mostly lol, tried to get online, though. "hugs back" lol I missed you too.
  7. Helly!!!!!! *glomped and huggled* where the hell have u been!
  8. been long, how you doin??? am doing good, except I've been bored this past 3 months lol.
  9. You like RPG right? lol, take a look at one of my idea's, I changed it so it gives it like one of those Elderly scrolls games
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