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  1. bummer well at least u have a job.. i need one... well my holidays are alright could be better but cant complain... any how i got to run my girl just got here.. catch u later bro
  2. Aw man, I've been working like crazy since the holidays been going on lol. How's your holiday?
  3. yup yup... im still here not as often but im around... im shoked to hear from you tho... so how have you been... anything new with you? well man hope things are going well take care and hope we meet again... till then laterz....
  4. Still can't believe your on this site still LOL, so how you been?
  5. yooooooooo long time no see... hope things are going well with you? just thought id drop in and say hi.... well take care bro laterz
  6. yo man who has it been? what have you been up to? sorry it took a while so what have you been up to? well man when ever you get the chance hit me up laters.......
  7. shit dude im gonna try and find me at least on that would be fun i hope there is tho
  8. Your freaking telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao.
  9. well at first i couldnt play any rpgs on this site but know i can but i really dont like the rpgs games on this site they are kinda boring..
  10. lol you should try and get hooked up with RPG or something yeah they don't talk much anymore, still waiting on some other members post, I'm hosting some other RPG's on different web-sites right now.
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