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  1. na man im just bored and i want to talk to some one thats all.. but if oyu wanna put it thats way i guess so...
  2. wow you want everything detailed huh?? lmao.............................................. ......
  3. well thats niceso what class are you going to? and what do you plan on eating today? and how do you plan on chilling to day?
  4. well first of today I'm gonna eat lunch, then I'm gonna go to class, then I'm gonna chill all day lol.
  5. y obro hows it going? so how have you been? so what are you doing today?
  6. well true killing is never easy but i dont care i have so much rage and anger that killing innocent people wont be so hard.
  7. A friend of mine was in the infantry, he said it sucked for some reason I don't know, I don't care what he says about infantry I wanna get in it, it sounds fun and everything testing out weapons, killing isn't gonna be easy, even if its in self-defense, its never easy.
  8. damn that sounds cool. maybe but i like infantry i want to go and shoot all different types of guns and kill people.
  9. I'm only going to college as a temporary thing, I failed the paper test for Marine Corps, but if I fail again I might as well go to the army instead, their test may be easy but some reason the training is hard, or at least of what I hear about them anyway lol. if you don't know which field, try bomb squad, one of the recruiters told me about that and so far it was very interesting to hear about it, they say bomb difusers make good money for it too.
  10. yea thats true but i know im not smart for school so when im done im going to the military but im not sure which field im going in though.
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