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  1. Hellknight how have you been sry i haven' been on in a while.
  2. ha taht was a good one. k you might have heard this one.
    Two guys are on a plane, one of the guys walks up to the other one and says "I have a black belt in Karote, if you don't give in to my sexual desires than i am going to throw you of the plane. Well when the one guy tells his freind this the freind asked "Did you jump?" the guy says "Yeah a little a first."
  3. yeah it did, here's one for ya, a friend of mine texted me saying "What does IDK stand for?" so I told her, "I DON"T KNOW" and she replied, "Wow no one knows."
  4. I know it was really weird but i thought it would give you a laugh.
  5. Wtf?.............................................l mao!!!!!!
  6. Got you (filler crazy dance. run around naked screaming pancakes)
  7. Well like you said, you are with the SHD, so its your call, but not too many though and the American teams have been eradicated by the Infection. so say like 4 or 5 other men came out of the buildings running to the evac zone.
  8. sounds good is anyone else besides me and kate going to be there.
  9. The copter will land outside the city, South east of your position,
  10. Okay sounds good just tell me where the chopper is and I will go there.
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