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  1. Senses are little devices that are on each team members including the American teams as well, so pretty much.....yeah. lol.
  2. So on your post in Infection does my guy have a human sense too.
  3. lol I seen that its cool, and I see your pic, WAT UP WORLD???!!!! LOL jk.
  4. Just posted and took down your brute problem lol. O and this is the first time I am showing control of my guys new abilities.
  5. Hey Fang, I re-edited my post in Infection: Evolution, check it out. oh and I forgot to boot kick ya back in the character thread, Now Go, Shoo, Go On!!!
  6. hey hell i am going to try and get back in to the psyichic universty thing, anything i need to know that is happening.
  7. okay kul just wanted to know. (filler for the 50 thing)
  8. Yeah that was a figure of speech, lol don't worry about it though, he doesn't know that, Turk isn't use to hearing other languages.
  9. hey hell when you said you think my guy was german on infection were you just putting that in there as speech or did you really think he was german. If you did my guy is Russian just to clear things up.
  10. Please post your chracter sheet for Family Affairs on the Charcter Thread.
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