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  1. I would have used Youtube, but I didn't know the name of the show, the only way to know that was by using the 'IFC' site. lol. anyways hope you enjoy the show.
  2. not much, except got snowed in for two days. yeah I'll check it out, I try not get into it too much of family juss kiddin.
  3. hey hellknight haven't talked to you in a while, just wanted to see how you are. O and could you check out my new rpg Family Affairs i want to know what you think of it.
  4. that sounds good to me, just posted and i am trying to work my way in the main story line.
  5. lol, I don't do that man, but I'll let you know if something like that does happen to me, though I never actually have a limit, I'm much more of a 'Welcome to All' type of guy you know?
  6. lol sry, no what i meant was that in some rpgs i have seen is, if you don't join before it gets started than you can't join later i was making sure that it wasn't one of those rpgs
  7. I'm a little confuse what your saying, "Not get to join?" lol so your saying your out? because I already approved your character.
  8. just clearing it with you first, didn't want to make a chearcter then not get to join.
  9. Sure you can join, its a free for all, you didn't know that???
  10. Mind if i join Mars City 2. just looked at it and it seems good.
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