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  1. lol sorry I've been busy lately, I stumbled onto another site, and I'm having some problems around here, Plus the car is broke down, my pops is taking a look at it, so far he said it was only an fluid filter, but then again he said other things too, its going to be a long while before I could get the car. so how are you doing Snow Angel??
  2. Have you read my post on PU???...Or maybe dont...
    So how are you Snow Bunny????
  3. Hello MJ, sorry I didn't get to reply back or stay on like always, but class has been busy and I can't keep up with some of my work, so hows your day going so far, and oh I finally got my car. yay me!!! *hugs and kisses*
  4. Can't help it, I only had 3 or 4 hours of sleep so I had to drink for next class, then I drank the whole thing instantly and now I'm freakin wired!!!!
  5. I missed you too...-hugs and kisses back-...Well dont drink that then silly...-laughes-..
  6. well I'm hyped up over here, dranked about 2 full throttles and I feel like I'm about to take off!!! lol. *hugs and kisses* missed you!!!
  7. -laughes-..its hot here too so your not alone with it...-laughes again-..I'm doing fine Snow Bunny...-smiles-...My day was boring and I'm tired from it...-sighes-...
  8. Its going very well lol, Its actually hot down here now, too hot. global warming just kicked in LOL, I guess mother nature left the AC on LOL, anyways hows your day going snow angel?????
  9. Hey sweety how are you???...I'm doing fine...So how is your day going???
    Bye Bye..-hugs-..
  10. I'm doing good lol, just having some fun around here, yesterday I missed ya, sorry it took me long to get online. my ride didn't came back home till is was an half hour before my class. how are you???????????
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