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  1. havent been on for like forever.. with the exception of choosig who i talk to... how you been G?
  2. -pokes- back back crazy HK! weeee .....runs around laughing
  3. I know huh?? lol, Umm childish? Creepy? I would've put up a video of it, but they took that out.
  4. :P ne your pic is kinda so like dunno how to call have you been sensei.....lols just pulling coz i know you're younger...lols.....
  5. I know huh? lol, you 'member....'member????? lol anyways I got another RPG and its going off great so far.
  6. ouch.. you must have been pretty i hope your day or week is better than mine.....
  7. Well I somehow manage to bite the inside of my cheek lol.
  8. why is it hurting?? ???? why would your cheek hurt??
  9. doing work, waiting for next class lol, apparenly we have only a few weeks left of college days. and my chin is soar and the inside of my cheek is hurtin.
  10. my time no post... what cha upto Hell kun
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