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  1. alright just me a second to log on, is it night over there? or is it morning???
  2. i just added you ...........[email protected] you are still showing offline
  3. am okay trying to like get over a heart break if you want to ask who i'll give you a 411 on who it is on pmor yahoo if you have one
  4. oh okay, then you don't have to join if you don't want to. so how you been? Staying up again?
  5. lol yeah i do miss rpg'ing with you but your mars city is a futuristic thingy.................
  6. Hey sara, you wanna join a RPG I made? Its called Mars City 2: A new beginning.

    sounds a little catchy, The title I mean? lol
  7. If I wanted to quailify for the air force, I gotta have a 35 score or higher, and I don't want to quit, I came this far and I ain't given up, I still have faith I can get into this, and besides, nothing to do here on the reservation. two things you can do, one: do something with your life, or two: Be like these other drunks on the streets spending time on haling spray cans. I have a lot to do before I ever become old.

    but thanks for the vote of confidence and thanks for your advice sara.
  8. sorry to hear about the exams
    dont you want to get in to the police dept? maybe you could try there.......or the airforce
  9. it was your b-day? damn I'm sorry, I had to do a long wait so I can get back online, and I got classes for college, I failed the asvab once again, now I have to wait for at least 6 months.
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