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  1. i miss you to HK!!!! hey i dont seem to catch you online ne more...........sniffs you weren't online for my birthday
  2. Hey Sara, how you been? Yeah I'm doing good, but I failed the test again, so I have six months before I'll take it again, lol, I know some good jobs where I live so I'll try and get internet at home. miss you though.
  3. Hey HK!!!! i have not talked to you in like forever!!!!! drop me a note when you like get online dude!
  4. my book? lol, I'm gonna have to post-pone the book for a long while, since I got nothing but studying, "Sighs" yet again, this is going to be my third time taking the asvab, oh don't let me drag you down to tears, its new Years, Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!
  5. nE HK!!!! how are you doing? how is your book coming along? Happy Holidays dude!
  6. i just heard but i didn't actually know and well you did mention it once that someone accused you of stealing their chara.............i know it's not true.
  7. oh and by the way who are you hearing that from and what are they saying? wait better yet, pm me the goods.
  8. And let me guess, GrimmJow? ah, I knew it, that boy has a problem with me, he thinks I stole his character from one of the RPGs. honestly I didn't know he had that character. I guess he's just jealous of my creation lol.
  9. Ne hk...what 's this i've been hearing bout someone calling you some stuff..........
  10. Awww, tormenting them is funny, somehow they ended up going into undercover detective on some of their suspects lol. Can't wait till next friday to watch it again, I already watch this weeks episode.
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