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  1. and i found that funny... i mean the way it was presented......
  2. Well, the creepy part? was perhaps the skull just popped in her hands, and her friends being pulled in a thick wall. and that woman showing half her bone parts just to scare the victims even further lol.
  3. :P funny....... the series is funny ........... it really is......... what freaked you out?
  4. Nah-uh, am calling her, I'll even text message at the stroke of midnight. lol, kidding, but the first episode kind a creeped me out. now its about dramatic and comedy lol.
  5. who you calling too yeah i have seen's interesting enough for me to watch... why did i remind you of her lol just kidding lol joke
  6. lol, so have you seen that new anime show HellGirl?? I think its interesting, I know we're too old to watch these anime shows. but hell they're fun to watch.
  7. LOL!!! giggles ... well i never claimed to be nice....but I like you a bear hug...... i know what you mean by some peeps thinking too much they should read what i write lol.....
  8. ohhh you dirty flirty *meows and motions cat scatches* meow meow. lol alot of people think too much they don't have time to figure it all out.
  9. What I meant was i wanted to give you a hug.....:P .... but people might think that well not like I care or something.................. some peeps might think i was flirting with you.
  10. No that was a tackle, I even felt it all they way over here. lol, anyways I'll be fine, its my cousin I'm worried about. he's out on his own now. having a kid on the way with a beautiful girl I guess. well Now I know how it fells to be interroggated by a drill sargeant. lol.
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