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  1. well i hope you take care of yourself.... am okay i'd give you a hug but it seems like there are some who visit the message thingy and read it differently lol................
  2. why gotta tackle me like that?? lol, hey PS, how you doing? yeah I'm doing alright, except I had a rough decision to make, either join the Marines, or Join the Army. either choice I had to make it, took me a while, so I went for the Marines, but it pissed off the Army. I feel bad about it now.
  3. Ne! tackles you haven't dropped by my page ...... busy? wow you're online lol... missed talking to you friend........
  4. Ne HK!!!! lols missed you lots dude......... sorry haven't been on much work is like soooooooo........................
  5. am okay******i'll send you a pm*****************************
  6. lol I almost passed the asvab test, I was 4 points away!!!!, but next monday I take it again, I'm doing good how are you Sara???
  7. hey Hellkun how are you today?******************************************** ***
  8. oh lol, that explains a lot, I did gave a lot of characters on this, Daiku Verheiden, Kiani Haki (no other choice lol) Von Doyce, and other names like Captian Tok, or General Tu'Ska.
  9. sorry character lol*********************************************** ********
  10. chara? lol I'll be honest with you, what is Chara?,
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