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  1. yup i have......why not create a chara to give it to....... i mean cojoe's chara on the rp here is ineteresting though....
  2. nah, for some reason I don't like the leak thing or anything like that, I was more thinking of the creators of Lucky Star, have you heard of it?
  3. why not use pyro satsuden....since he is the bad guy on my side which will make info leak .............if you like the idea
  4. in a chapter ahead or two lol, your gonna be the messenger, so far, the imperial nation is the next target for the demorans, but I don't know who to send it to, do you have any leads or anything????
  5. Alliance .... lol am i in that? lol just kidding *************the poem was good
  6. really? wow, I guess I never notice about my writing that much, I'm still writing this book of mine, you know the one about Adventure: Heroes?, so far I got to Chapter 7, Allaince, if I spelled that right lol.
  7. i almost forgot how good you write..... well sleep what's that? lol ne........jk! work keeps me awake lol
  8. you should get some sleep lol, I overslept mine, tried to get up but, it was cold, kept me under my blankets, felt like I was in a coma or something lol.
  9. Im very tired ***yawns*********************************
  10. thats why I'm gonna smash my old one, but still gonna keep the cords, might sell them lol.
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