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  1. lol, I figured this would happen. lol noobs, young kids this days eh? I still have to a lot of studying but not much though. I only need to know the words and math, am taking a practice test now. don't worry it won't interfere of what am doing.
  2. am okay am usually up earlier lol...... its okay this site has been a bit quiet lately so i really have not been posting much.
  3. Your up early lol, sorry I didn't show up like planned, but my pops wants me to get in the army, I tried the asvab again, failed. sucks lol, so how are you today? or morning?
  4. lol okay i will wait to post till then lmao ... miseed you lots ***hugs***
  5. Gotta go, my step mom is done with the laundry, I'll try and get on monday if I can. ttyl
  6. HK did you check the link i sent you on pm? i hope so
  7. ** alot actually lmao! well i sent you a pm lol. do miss talking to you and i have been getting some weird pms lol kids
  8. lol, *hugs you* missed you a lot, I've been bored at home, no net, no ride to get to the library, and my cousins who had net are gone, so don't worry, my dad is gonna keep sending me here to study up for that ashmat test?. well missed you alot my friend, so whats happening with you?
  9. ***tackle ! i missed you a lot ! *************hope you send me a pm soon once you log in and hoping we can talk my friend. your rpg is getting well needs characters. bad ones lol
  10. **tackle***hug*** missed you long time no talk
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