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  1. LOL, you can always drop me a line or something, and I only got a little bit of time left for me to chat,
  2. no fair didn't get a chance to talk to you
  3. Phoenix good looking out for the thread lol, as much as I miss my friends and my thread, but I do miss this site, anyways your still in charge and if anybody wants to join, give them a holla, one of them left me a message if am still accepting Applications!?, anyways chat with this person and give them the ok, k? anyways I thank you so much and much luv bye.
  4. :P it is funny but it sounded like acheerleader joke ;p
  5. heres a joke I think you might like:

    'My mom told me there's something wrong with my girlfriend, I told her she's fine but she snapped 'oh watch' and a couple weeks later, we heard a new store opened up at the mall, so we went to the mall, and we looked at the directory, and a small red dot said 'You Are Here', my girlfriend gave me a surpise looked and said 'How do they know?'
  6. I always wanted to join the NYPD, but I live here in South Dakota, after the marines, am gonna be cop, a lot of my friends asked my why, and I told them am getting tired everyone doing stupid things and I want to help, and make that stop. oh and its your turn to post I think.
  7. yeah i think it's good did you ever want to end up in the pd? my cousin and brother are in the ny department (sighs) too bad am short compared to my brothers and sisters i would have enjoyed being in the nypd
  8. My dad has the thought of me working over the police department as a jailer, it pays pretty good, I think they'll hire me as soon as I turn in my application lol. I heard they've been looking for young guys to work, so this should be good.
  9. you don't have to worry that much i am sure you'll get a job.
  10. The end of my High school Journey will be over, once I graduate, its off looking for a job before I can join the marines, when am done with the marines I can use my saved up money to buy a house and stuff. *sighs* I hope. and its High school.
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