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  1. (laugh) i have a feeling you will. dark kun will be online soon i just hope he reads the pms. lol are you graduating from highschool or college?
  2. thats good to know Phoenix, I just hope I can get Sifadious on before the of my High school Journey lol.
  3. thanks that is a nice compliment lol. well darkangle and i talk a bit but he is busy with the upcoming arcade tourney but he will post when i tell him to lol.
  4. lol, no worries, and sides, I had practice yesterday for the graduation, and I missed practice today, bummer. anyways thanks for looking for the King of Darkness, he's profile is real nice, today may be my last day, and tommorrow will be a whole new beginning. I'll let you be second in command. my new friend ^_^
  5. hey you are on line now. basilisk was aksing if he can post he was kinda worried you wouldn't approve his character lol
  6. i guess your offline have a great weekend hellknight kun :>
  7. arigato hellknight kun, well just pm me when you need to talk bout something or just talk
  8. I approved them in the idea, and I'll approve them again in the Character thread, once Zyta finishes his character profile.
  9. so is my character approved or do i change something?
  10. oye, I forgot to mention, sometimes you gotta have the character ready lol, once 5 people joined with their characters, the chief tells me to pm him and he approves it and we're good to go, then I make the character thread and ooc chat thread, then I make the thread itself.
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