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  1. I made an idea, and when 5 people joined, the chief told me to send him the characters and the people who joined, its been approved and we were good to go, thats how I got 'The Infestation' to go.
  2. i have added my character on the thread but shouldn't we get aproval from chief first? just asking
  3. lol i am a girl :S but i am not that partial to unicorns
  4. You can add the comic life, just think of it as your day dream, ugh no unicorns because everyone is gonna think this is like some fairy tales for girls. LOL. ugh no offense.
  5. i like the story line, but the general story was kinda serious i did say i wanted to join. maybe be the comic relief lol
  6. Actually it goes like this, if you have an idea, post in the RPG ideas, and anybody is interested, then they would apply to it, if there is enough people for the RPG, then the mods approved it, as long as its not like dramatic or anything like that.
  7. sonds interesting enough ddi you post it for approval to the chief yet?
  8. hey, I thought about something of my RPG idea, take a look and tell me of what you think. 'Adventure: Heroes'
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