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  1. lol that is one coolio job iff it did happen.................i am straight but she is like super hot..................................her and fergie
  2. oh believe me, I had some weird dreams and that was the weirdest I ever had, couldn't believe I had the dream, I remember a dream I was Beyonce's bodyguard.
  3. from ninja turtles to mermaids who like sharks aka gators lol you have a thing for things that love water
  4. oh you haven't heard the rest of it, I woke up and fell back to sleep, then all of a sudden this woman was in the ocean, telling she likes this shark that keep trying to eat her? O_O, and she does this trick by getting out of the way, when we finally reached shore, turned out it wasn't a shark, more of a alligator, it was big too at least, 50 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide, it started to chase us, suddenly it turned into godzilla, we ran behind some sort of a electic or frozen thing, I tried to kill it just using a freakin M-16 lol, but I woke by my dad and now I'm here.
  5. that is like way weird!!!! shredder lols.......................kinda creepy..........
  6. well I don't remember how it first started, but somehow I ended up at a hospital and the Ninja Turtles Shredder was there, and it looked like he wanted to kill me. So I had to use the freaking elevator and goe up to the 10th floor, but somehow I ended up outside again and it was a repeat over and over, but I get to change it lol.
  7. tell me bout the dream...lols.....c'mon it's me so splill hk!!! lols someone is keeping you busy here
  8. hey sara *yawns* I got up almost half hour ago and I'm still tired, but I had the craziest dream EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Laughs*
  9. seems i am not the only one leaving yu messages and being a pain in you behind lol...........pokes......
  10. lol good, hey I thought you wasn't into Futuristic? one of your RPG's seems to be it.
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