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  1. lol....what i meant was that according to my brother my taste in the guys i date need to drastically wrong with chick flicks....there is one movie in feb that is coming out that i find interesting....
  2. lol what ever, most of us improved anyway, I mean only the feminist guys watch chick flicks, and somehow they wind up gay. nah I don't wanna be like that, I like who I am.
  3. you do sound like by brother he has a lot of single friends...weird though... thanks lol seems really my taste in guys need to improve
  4. well, if you was my sister I would try and get one of my friends to date you too lol, thats what we big brothers are about, because we care??
  5. am okay..............i'll send you a pm ......about the last question i asked the last time could say got my heart a bit hurt though but am trying to pull myself through it...somehow and my brother sent his best friend to like date me lol....funny that older brothers can't seem to see that their sisters grow up...
  6. *Mad expression, tosses a rock up and down with his hand,* poke with a stick huh? we'll see about that *Laughs hysterically*

    lol juss kidding, hey Sara, how you been? I'm doing good, just waiting on the others to show up.
  7. EEEK you're online ......pouts hmph.......pokes with're still okay?
  8. you're still showing as offline did you approve my request? just asking lol
  9. so it is night lol, amazing, well I'm online on yahoo.
  10. 1 am but i work the night shift lol.... no worries i can wait lol
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