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  1. I'll think of the names once I get home, besides the idea of infestation got to me when I was watching a movie, think it was Resident Evil lol.
  2. *gigglez* Really?? I liked the name you have now!! I was like: Thats a cool name. Like I said just go with it. You're doing fine
  3. Right now I got ideas coming into my head, just looking at it is just giving me more ideas. and thats one problem I have, I can't figure out names lol.
  4. lolz Well just make up a name. It doen't have to make sense!! I just can't wait for it to start again....^__^ It sends goose-bumps up my arms just thinking about... XD
  5. good to know lol, I'll try and not to think too hard about. I was thinking of a whale shark right? lol, but I got a picture but not a name.
  6. Yeah.... well then do that. Just try something different. You know it doesn't have to be perfect. Just go with what you think it good. Oh I'm almost done wih my bio. Just got to add appearance, weapon, and bio. I'm not sure what to do for the weapon though....
  7. you know like the first one??? when I mixed most of the animals DNA together but then they got mutalitated???
  8. Yeah thats sounds cool. What do you mean by the gene thing??
  9. well you do know its called Evolution? so I need some ideas for some new creatures. right now I've been thinking of sea-life creatures. mammals. just having a tough time figuring out the gene pull.
  10. I remember them!!! but you forgot someone else. My character's cousin. She was important too!! The creatures, huh?? Hmm... that will be tough huh?? XD Do you have anything in mind??
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