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  1. sure ill look at the thread and make a char. just approve him when u get a chance.
  2. lol yeah, I gotta go to class now, see ya around,

    if you ain't busy, you could probably set up a character in Psychic University.
  3. oh, thats cool. I want to pick up another anguage now >.<
  4. Kola Anpetu Waste yelo

    'good day friend'

    Lakota is a language used by the Natives, which I of course a native lol, I gotta understand this so I can know what my grandma is saying on the phone to her friend.
  5. see? So if you dont mind, then its all good XP. Lokota. wth s that if you dont mind me asking???
  6. for 4 hours? lol maybe I don't know, I guess, all I have to do is listen, read off the book and speak lakota. which I'm glad of doing lol.
  7. lol well its just one class. so its not that bad. you can manage.
  8. I got class in an hour, damn feeling tired though. *yawns*
  9. beauty sleep? awww, someone feels smexy today LMAO
  10. well lets see, I got two classes on tuesday, one class on wendesday, and one class today. other than that, I'm good lol, a little tired though, need some beauty sleep.
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