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  1. You know this hole ain't big enough, I mean I'm only at 6 ft. down, wanna beat me down two more times?? LOL.
  2. thats horrible and i have a cat so never!!! *shooting hellknight uot of cannon to a bottomless hole!*
  3. its simple, give us your location, where you live blah blah blah, and we'll put your pet in a metal container, shove it down in a artillery cannon and blow it high sky to your spot.

    Air Mail.
  4. lol and no uhhh whats an air mail??? ?
  5. lol ok you like cats? want me to air-mail you one?
  6. I've notice lol, so how are you today? sounds like your happy to me.
  7. meow!!
  8. sarcasim runs in my family!
  9. ah not only cute but also smart lol, *taps head* I gotta remember not to tick you off lol.
  10. thats so funny i forgot to laugh. ooops did i say that out loud *smirking*
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