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  1. thats cool man but dont you thing you first need to play the rpgs you have right now^^
  2. thats crazy, hey I'm coming up with another idea of a RPG here soon, though I a little too much on my hands right now lol, but this one is gonna be good. I hope.
  3. dont mind the grandparents but thanks for the thought and your not the only one that wants a JOB man iv been looking for one sence june 20, 2007 man that long man long!!!!!!!
  4. I wish I was in your shoes, I had nothing to so around here, Rosebud is a crowded place, hardly any jobs are being opened up, and thats what I need right now, a job. Something to keep me busy so I don't have to lay on my &ss all day long. Sorry to hear about your grandparents.
  5. i hear u i had i little get together go to my mom has just go remarried and i had to be the welcome guest person, seating person, gift give away person, and the i had to be the one to give away my mom sence her parents my grandparents died long time ago. i worked im *ss offfffff man !!!!
  6. I was busy with family times you know? my sister graduated from the 8th grade and now she's moving on to high school, and I was at home, I did tried to get on but apparantly everybody at my house keeps leaving. without telling me.
  7. ha man where did you go all these time???????????????????????/
  8. ha man you need to come back to the rpg man i really wait to start that black dog thing soon ok^^
  9. ha, man i got a bleach rpg going on its got 6 members now so where just waiting on the Chief's approval. if you got time come and see it sometime^^
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