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  1. what kind of decks are your 3 my 5 are like this 1.Dragons Saving Light consists of dragons and fairies 2.Darkened Heart all dark monsters 3.Dooms Day Device all machine monsters 4.The Worrior's Force all worriors 5.Rainbows Guiding Light consists of all seven of the crystal beasts and the Rainbow Dragon it also has Andro Sphinx, Sphinx Teleia, and Theinen the Great Sphinx from the YuGiOh movie
  2. I buy mine from wal-mart to I just started buying some from the website I just recently bought 2 of the structure deck Spellcaster's Judgment and 1 topaz tiger card cost me $43.79 one of the structure decks was for my cousin for his birthday
  3. I will have to go check that out, I usually just buy them from wal mart lol
  4. I have somewhere between $250 and $350 worth of cards I recently just ordered the card Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger so I would have all seven crystal beasts so I could bring out my Rainbow Dragon the first day i got the card I was able to bring out my dragon against my cousin and desamated him with it. If you want a good company to order single cards, structure decks, are even packs go to your order arrives in 2 to 3 days later
  5. Wow I haven't played with my cards in ages, I have 3 full decks. and a whole bunch of extras.
  6. how many yu-gi-oh cards do you have I have 5 decks how many do you have.
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