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  1. I haven't seen many familiar faces either.
    But really, I don't blame them for leaving or refusing to stay active. This forum has really dropped a rung. I personally refuse to participate in discussions to avoid having to deal with ignorant and illiterate members. T__T

    But I won't bore you with my theorems. Anyway, HAWAI!? =D
    soooo.... is it SASSY? is it SEXY? :P
    I on the other hand, have to finish studies for my final semester.... yes, yes I'm afraid my current lifestyle is a little boring. No adventuring to exotic locations for me. v.v

    Good to hear from you and I'll talk to you later, I'm on poop patrol! T__T

    P.S Give Shonn and Scott a glomp for me!
  2. AO's sex ... puppy?
    How dare you taint something so cute and cuddly. T___T

    Kevin! Remind me how well you're doing? =D
    All the best.
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