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    LOL, YES, i got it

    wowwwwww is all i have to say !
  2. did you get it? I just sent it :P

    WTH! Lenghten my comment to 50 characters? Thats lame -_-
  3. LOL ! oh dear!
  4. Not me :[ XD K I found some :3, but in this one, ......maybe I was the kinky on lol.
  5. lol, wow even I know how to still use the pm system ;D
  6. lol I won't/ :]
    just hold on, I need to figure out how to use the send message thingy again XD I'm worthless ^_^
  7. yes, i had like a gazillion different usernames.. don't tell any of the mods tho, im pretty sure they'd have my head ! :O
  8. lol k, back then you were B.A.n.G.B.A.N.G. correct? :]
  9. I don't know.. a loooonnnnggg time.

    OMG! LOL, no wayy!! Haha, I don't think I want to even remember what those pms were!! Haha, send me one to refresh my memory,lol!!
  10. lol If you read them, you'd only agree more X3
    So this is the first time you been here in a while? Since how long would you say?
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