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  1. O.o your brother was an AVON lady?? weird!

    free stuff? =_= i wish... ^_^ but they do give you awesome discounts in the "sellers only" catalogs!

    oh! and if you earn enough on your third and fourth campaigns, you get a pretty AVON pin with a diamond looking thing on it! that's what i'm workin' for!

    it's like a level up! or a class change! atleast how Soshi puts it!
  2. Oh wow !
    Ive always wanted to be an Avon Lady !
    My brother was once aha
    Do you get free stuff ?
  3. ^o^ yay for Cherry Coke!

    Soshi and i have been doing great! thanks for asking! i have a job as an AVON lady now, and Soshi has been working hard on stages in LittleBigPlanet (for the PS3)!
  4. Heyy dude
    Thanks for the birthday wishes ,
    And I had no cake ! But lots of full fat Cherry Coke
    How've you and Soshi been ?
  5. Happy be-lated brithday from the Soshi and me!

    remember to have fun and eat lots of cake!
  6. yay! it's Kerry! how are things?

    ^_^ have you been drinking Cherry Coke???
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