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  1. Ah, I forgot you lived in the UK or England or sumthing. MY BAD ;o
    D.U.I= Driving Under Influence. (Drunk Driving)
    I'm feeling great.
    Well, atleast this morning I am.

    Not much to do here, and England or Brazil are sounded really good to me. It's about time for me to leave this place.

    So what have you been up to? Everyone still here on AO? I'm disappointed White Wolf was banned again. :/ Iv'e been missing everyone >
  2. I have no idea what a D.U.I. is you foreigner so your bragging is wasted on me sorry
    too bad on not having any friends you should of gone overseas too , i'd love to do that
    and i am feeling finee as a fine thing thanks for asking , what about you ?
  3. Not much has changed with me, still have big dreams of getting away from this little town.
    Well, I don't mean to brag or anything, but, I do have the highest amount of D.U.I's in the history of drunks, and I'd like to see anyone beat it >:3
    Oklahoma is soo boring..........Kevin's gone overseas, and I don't know where the hell Scott bounced off to. :[
    Maybe you can keep me company, maybe send me some snacks :]
    Anything to gimme a reason to walk out my house, besides maintaining my outstanding D.U.I thankyou. [;

    So how are you Kerr-Bear? :]
  4. god i havnt been on here in AGES
    lots is new dear
    how you been ?
  5. Oh? it's been 2 years since iv'e peeked at this site, & what do i find? 28 buddy request. lol
    this site has changed, & i hope you haven't changed with it Shmexxy Kerry =P
    Whats new?
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