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  1. ohhh i'm liking your new hobbie
    and no babies
    for me either
    just lots of work work work
  2. Life; after AO:

    Thats what I'll call the booket!!

    Anyway! I could make this comment super long and give you my life story since we last talked, or I can just cut to it. I'll cut to it. I'll keep it to the basics.

    No Kids
    No Babies
    No Drugs


    One new hobbie.


    How's you been? I see your still cheerful as ever eh? Schooling? Childern? XD With Child XD... na I just playing with ya.
  3. its been TOO long kat
    i miss AO timess
    how've you beeeen ?
  4. Indeed work. Not teh greatest but it good to savee up. =3

    SO whats new?

  5. helooo
    work ?
    workk ? :O
    shows how long we havnt spoken for !
  6. Hi ~

    = D ||

    Well off to work. XD
  7. I see Rave is stealing my greeting form.

    Whats up cherry kerry. =P Why you online?
  8. I'm still here don't worry
    Just hibernating for the winter
  9. Oh Kerry Kerry. Where ya at ? .
  10. Kat
    How've you beeen ?
    Havn't spoke in ageees !
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