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  1. well i think its because im here , no way will it shut down as long as your truly is coming on XD
  2. lol yeah busy busy busy! No need to apologize i'm surprised this place is still running XD
  3. hey just thought i would drop by and say hey since its beenbover a year since we have talked lol sorry for that .
  4. ok cool i will do that then it will be great to catch up and see how things are going
  5. yeah!!!!! that way we can catch up ^^
  6. its cool well i have a face book if you want me to pm you my face book thing lol
  7. yeah i chat way more texting or calling or facebook or email XD lol i don't know how i forgot about this site...i was so focused on school and other things...
  8. a year is a good while but hey we have other ways we can keep in touch if you like if you dont have time to post here though anyway it is good to hear from you and hope your day went good today
  9. Thanks! i feel so misplaced here lol i don't know how i forgot about this place for over a year
  10. i know what you mean but my name is Chris in case you have forgotten
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