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  1. oh yeah most definitely! lol life happens college keeps me busy but i haven't forgotten anyone ^^ its just hard to remember actual names now..
  2. yeah same here but im still here though i guess everyone else moved on but im glad to see that you do come back every now and then but i think all the older members like you or me have gone on to better things lol
  3. yeah i forgot about this site for over a year...its really different it looks complicated XD i feel weird returning i don't know anyone here anymore
  4. hey there it has been a while im glad to see your still here i thought every one left that i knew just about lol
  5. OMG HEY!!! *waves* haven't talk to you in awhile
  6. things are going ok i have just been crusing the web for things to do. havnt found much though the web is getting old lol.
  7. my days are going fin lol im just alitttle tired right now but what about you? =]
  8. im doing good just been busy im glad to hear from you though.
    how has your day been
  9. its been a minute since i talked to you last lol how are you?
  10. HEY i missed talking to you so much lol so whats been up wikth you lately?^^
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