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  1. just droping by to say hi hope things are going good
  2. just rpg inyuasha trying to become an elite member^^ so whats going on in your personal life?
  3. its going good just a bit wet from the rain
    but i dont mind anyway i am just messing around
    right now. how about you?
  4. ^^ yea merry christmas to you!^^ my day is going alright lol so how's life?
  5. im doing good just being a bit board with nothing to burn lol
    anyway hope your day is going good merry christmas
  6. hey whats up lol i havent talked to you in awhile lol pm me back lol^^ cya
  7. hyw how have you been?=] i havent talked to you in ages lol^^ so whats new?
  8. yea me too lol i do wanna know what you look like at least lol but ill ttyl when you come back online lol
  9. sorry to hear about justin though im sure he will be ok he
    is stornger than most people give him credit for , and as for
    me i live in north carolina which is a few states over >.>
    and i wish you were closer .

    well i have to go for a bit now i will be back hugs and talk again soon
    i hope
  10. man that sucks i would totally go with you cuz i love a good scare lol^^ but im all the way in texas lol and i have no idea where you live lol i wanted to go with justin but i dk where he lives either hes going through some drama which is why he left ao y.y
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