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  1. sounds like fun hope you have fun. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. m 80's and some cherry bomb though those are hard to come by but i found some >.> plus i got some bottle rockets so yeah lots of fun tomrrow.
  3. yeah i am kinda looking forward to tomorrow. avoiding the heart????? Zach and i are doing fireworks tonight sence i wont be here on the 4t of july. so what fireworks you doing thats not allowed?
  4. maybe you will enjoy the 4th tomrrow 8) and nothing is going on over here really jsut avoiding the heat lol i tend to melt in hot weather. i got fire works to set off tomrorow though the kind i got are not allowed where i live >.> but what they dont jnow want hurt me lol
  5. oh kool sounds like fun lol. i'm good thanks. i've just been playing with fireworks with Zach and he took me to go see the new twilight movie all and all i'm just hanging out with Zach till i have then i have ta go home tomorrow sadly..... i'll ta go home.... i'll cry when it comes to it but also tomorrow his mom is having a 4th of july cook out i have ta go home..... so anything new going on with you????
  6. im doing good thanks just been reading some posts and kind if being bored. how are you?
  7. peek-a boo long time no see lol how have you been??..??
  8. yeah dark roast coffee its strong coffee. and im reading a book by stephen king called the stand right now. its a good book
  9. yeah thats tasty lol. you have a good book what is it? huh dark roast?.... lol
  10. yeah i do i have cream with it some times. it my wake up juice in the morning the rest os the time its jusut so relaxing and if i have a good book man i spend hours on a few cups . i think its dark roast i get but it is good.
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