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  1. yeah, lol i know you sould feel lucky about that bad part of coffee o.o ewww so you drink dark coffee?.?
  2. lol it is weird and i do think im lucky i dont get wired from it. becausei drink some pretty strong coffee @.@
  3. o.o coffee? relaxing? lol wow omg really? thats weird lol i would be flying running on the walls and what not lol. i would be worse lol
  4. i have been but i have been drinking coffee a lot for a few years so i have been calm from cofee though coffee affects people difrently lol. but coffee is my my thing when it comes to relaxing
  5. yeah i love it i can't like stay stay up all night and not be tired the next day and still have some energy left thats how some it is! lol. have you ever had a day were your so hyper u can't sit still that how i am right now. lol
  6. lol coolmarshemellow are cool. and being hyper isnt all bad it keeps you gooing at night when your to bored to sleep atleast with me anyway lol.
  7. O.O omh i love marsh mellows >< there so yummy!! omg mellow go puff omg now way! lol they also bust mellows o.o omg wowz thats awsome! i'm hyper if u can't tell lol. XD
  8. lol thats cool. im also a marsh mellow thief on camp outs >.>
    they seem to disapeaer when the the fire is going not sure what happens to them. atleast thats what i say if i happen to eat one to many when the others are busy doing other things lol
  9. yeah, camping is lot of fun and yes having a camp fire it fun to i do like to play in the fire thou >< lol its just fascinating to me lol. oh trust me i will there are ppl who sometimes pull out in front of me but i'm calm and chill so i drive save thats for sure lol.
  10. camping does sound fun i always tend the camp fire when i go because im pryomaniac LOL kidding. its cool you can drive but watch out for the crazy people out there that tend to aim for your car when they loose control of theres lol >.>
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