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  1. o.o oh sounds scary i don't like scary movies that much lol but there ok. umm well i'm going to be going camping and driving around in my moms car. ^^ i'm like so happy i got my temps not to long ago and i can drive now! lol
  2. not much really just some horror movies i was gonna
    watch not sure what else since there isbt much to do at night
    other than watch old reruns of tv shows or something.
  3. lol i love the night i don't mind night time being slow. so what chu got planed this weekend?
  4. its going ok here too jsut a little slow is all. it is almsot 11 pm so yeah the night is always slow lol
  5. ^^ kool and yeah its going good how about yourself? oh kool sounds fun i love listening to music all the time lol.
  6. sure we can be freinds. hows it going good i hope. iv just been on kaneva where i have a playlist of songs i listen to
  7. hellooooo how are you? my name is jenny^^ wanna be friends?.?
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