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  1. ah that sounds cool i hope you can get good at it again. and i have added you or sent a request anyway lol.
  2. yea alls good like same ive been busy i went back to school so hoppin to get into uni next year so we will see XD if u want u can add me on fb elizabeth rose quinn
    and same im only gettin back into using gimp myself after here i kinda stoped all together just too busy for it
  3. oh ok , as long as he is alive and well its all good. and i have been busy any how i am offline and online working with gimp if you remember me getting that a while back. i have gotten a little better since my last upload to the AO gallery.
  4. yea i dont think that like but hes cool just always busy he disapered for a few years i didnt even talk to him
  5. oh well i have not heard from him since 2007 so i just figure he is mad at me for something g lol. and its the same with the few people i know as well.
  6. yea somtimes its rare to get mr.k even on fb shes flat out at work and all same with pigtaru >.< but why would u think he wouldnt talk to u hes kinda bad for replaying cause when im on hes usually at work
  7. that is cool i think pigtaru does not like me anymore lol we stopped talking and he never replied to some of pm's i did send to him. so in just assumed he was mad or something. and its good to hear Mr.s k is still talking to someone from here. it would be cool to talk to those guys again some time on FB
  8. yea same i still talk to mr k pigtaur and jenderabbit too sometimes on fb too
  9. i do to like with raja and a few others on face book but its good that everyone is still doing good though
  10. belive me when i say there is many of of us that talk the same way i still keep in touch with some of them from back in the day
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