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  1. yeah i know things were awesome back then, i kind of wish it would be like that again
  2. omg really not surprised he sold it again though but nothin beats the good old says on here before bebop and all
  3. you can thank Bebop for that he screwed a lot of things up before he sold AO to the new pwners and they have not fixed anything yet. and all the mods have pretty much jumped ship unless there all still coming here and are just not doing anything lol. i wish someone would do something so we could get AO in some kind of working order.

    and i am doing fine i have jsut been here and there being bored since AO has gone quiet.
  4. yea things have been up and down this past while like but nothin to much to complain about i have my health how about u? btw i opened a stow thread but no comments show up it says it needs aproved wtf!?
  5. yeah well it is good to hear from someone from my past. i do hope things are going good though.
  6. aww i know i used to drfit in and out occasionally like to have a nosie of whats goin on
  7. hey i thought everyone from 2006 died maybe XD , but good to see you mopped by. i hope things are going good and maybe see you around if your here for a bit. most everyone else has vanished for good i think from when i joined .
  8. just saying hey and merry christmas have a great one
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