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  1. well you dont have to worry about that here everyone is pretty cool and some of the mods have a since of humor here though you dont see it much lol but they have there funny moments
  2. Thank you very much for letting me now
    I just don't want to be banned again or have an power crazy mod I need to watch out for 24.7 all the time
  3. lol that was a joke of course and the mods are nothing like gaia those guys are jerks over there the mods here are pretty relaxed and dont really wanr you unless you post on a dead thread or double post the rest of the F&Q will ell you more but its really cool here
  4. not sure about here i the profiles but if you want to get there attention a double post or a junk post will do it that's how you always catch a mod in these here online rivers LOL the best bait though is double posting from what i here from most people who fish for mods XD
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