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  1. ooo i am sorry to hear that ._. , i hope you are alright , XD i see a dentist ><*feeling cold* i hate dentists WAA T,T , i don't go that much to a dentist becasue i take care of my teethes so i don't go lol lucky me lol ..... =^_^=
  2. well just broke up with my girl friend but thats over with this weekend
    is better other than that i have a dentise im going to cant wait for that
  3. my weekend were good XD i enjoyed my time ^^ ... it is good to hear that your week end were good , and how is things are different kind of >< ... =^_^=
  4. my weekend went good though i guess
    things are diferent kind of anyway hope
    your weekend went good
  5. ^_^ thank you , so did you do something fun in your weekend XD ... =^_^=
  6. yeah there are like pizza or something anyway hope you have a good day
    talk later
  7. just like me X3 nothing new .... and yeah XD there is a lot of the nice subjects that we can enjoy at XD .... =^_^=
  8. nothing new just being busy and pretty much enjoying
    some posting
  9. ooo i see i am happy that you are good XD , so what is up ?anything new ? ... =^_^=
  10. im doing good just hanging out and reading threads
    today was boring for me too and its good hearing from
    you glad things are going for you..
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