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  1. sweet , i hope you get the job , i have heard those shelters are full of jerks that like to take things . i will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  2. OMG I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! i Have a job interview today! I hope i get this job i really need it im living in a homeless shelter and i need to get out.
  3. ok talk to you later and have a good rest of the day
  4. I have a pokemon RPG game started under Games with like inuYasha and things so if you want to check it out you can i have to go i am in school so i have to switch classes Ttyl Check it out bye love
  5. i dont think i would either i mean i like a few of the Pokemon. that charmander is my favorite
  6. They only sell them for the Ds's And for the Wii. They dont sell them for Ps2's Or 3"s I wish they did it would beee sooooooo much fun if they did. I wouldnt stop playing it then.
  7. lol well i might need to get a Pokemon game for my ps3 then if its that much better.
  8. No not really. i think that it is a waste of time on the DS game it makes me feel like i am stupid. I need more of a challange. Like my pokemon games. They are a challange even after playing them 20 times.
  9. cool i bet its easier to play than the ps3 version lol
  10. Awww dangit. Thats ok, I have a bakugan Game for the DS.
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