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  1. i dont have a Pokemon game , and i only have a ps3 and ps2 . i do have a bokugon game for my ps3 but i dont know how to play it lol.
  2. Lol yeah. that sounds like fun. And right now i am playing my pokemon Platinum game. it is so much fun. Lol Do you have a Pokemon game? if so can i have ur Friend code?
  3. im doing good just uploaded a song to you tube and trying to make something in gimp which is like photo shop but free.
    and its good to see you in a good mood
  4. Hiya how are you doing? i am happy right now and nothing can change that.
  5. cool and im glad we are friends as well , talk to you later .
  6. yeah i know i think that he hate me because he cant have me anymore. lol i think that it is really funny because i never really loved him. He was a jerk to me and i think that he dose not deserve anyone. He can go die in hell just like my rapeist of a step father. But i am glad that i am friends with you. I have to go thanks for messageing me back. Bye love.
  7. im glad you think so and im sure i will but im not looking right now so maybe it will happen soon lol , and it sucks he did that but some guys just dont grow up so yeah whatever about that guy lol
  8. yeah me and him arnt friends anyways he started talking shit about me and i told him to stay awy from me so i dont talk to him anymore. But i think that you are a kind person who cares for other people. I hope that you find someone to.
  9. oh im sorry then 8( that sucks he did that but some guys are bad about being jerks , they refuse to let there guard down when they break up because they think it will show the girl there just a weak ass punk well for some guys anyway. but you have to remember no matter how bad it seems when that happens there is always gonna be someone out there that will love you even if you do break up because some people dont mind being friends if it doesn't work out.

    Maybe you will find another guy some day after you take a break like i said before , there is plenty o time to find a guy who will love you no matter what , i know when i broke up with my girl friend we still stayed friends and we still love each other very much but only as friends and thats how it should be i think.
  10. it wasnt sarcasum . im seriouse. i dont know what i am going to do anymore. Its hard to lose someone really close to you. I told him i still wanted to be friends and he flipped shit on me. i mean like threatening me and crap.
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