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  1. i think that was a bit of sarcasm unless i am wrong >__> lol
  2. yeah. Im soo heart broken i dont know what i am going to do anymore.
  3. that sucks so your gonna take a break from guys for a bit then? i would if i was you you need some time to get over the crap you just went through
  4. yeah not really hes gone now. He hurt me dearly and i cant take that crap anymore.
  5. no problem and its greta you have a new bf i hope it keeps going good for you
  6. Awwww thanks love. your soo sweet. yeah i have a new boyfriend. he treats me better than my ex did and will. But thanks for the talk.
  7. that sucks your bf did that but i giess some people dont mind be jerks when they have a good thing because they dint think the girl will go anywhere . and im doing good just messing lurking around the web with nothing particular going on. maybe it will get better for you not everything bad will end the world. i have lived through lots of bad relationships
  8. hi how have you been? i have been doing good up till this point where my BF decided to tell some other girl that he wants to marry her. But besides that what have you been up to.
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