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  1. Omg hey today I don't feel well my alerges are so messed up right now.
  2. the sword with the marble handle must be a nice thing! yes, I'd like to se them all send your pics to [email protected] when you have them.
    the dragonball z sword looks pretty much like those europeans in the middle age I wonder how much different the one you have looks like. is it also as heavy?
    these things must have been quite expensive I guess. where do you get them from. not that i think I could afford one anyway, I'm just curious. but you sure have a nice and special hobby there.
    you collect anything else? other hobbies besides animes?
  3. so these 3 swords are all japanese ones, right? I also didn't know the name of the short sword which is used for seppuku but I looked it up cause I also wanted to know it's name - it's called tanto. nice, nice unfortunately your posted link didn't work but I found some pictures of hook swords anyway. the look very cool - just like in one of those typical old-fashioned kung-fu movies wouldbe nice to see someone dancing with these
    these dragon shaped handles are they in chinese or celtic style?
    btw how did you discover this hobby? though I know some people who are doing the same it's still quite rare.
  4. hmmm, interesting. now I will imagine you doing some really fancy MA-moves while all the others around you will run and hide in order not to be accidently injured - hahaaa lol ok, seriously, what kind of swodrs are they - japanese style (I think they are most awesome)? I just love japanese culture and also martial arts - I was watching dozens of kung-fu movies since being little. and I also tryed some clubs offering different things, but most likely I also end up being injured pretty bad if I wold have to join a fight. I guess I'm just amazed by the beautiful movements in general.
    oooh, u don't know captain future - well I guess compared to the animes nowadays it's not that fancy, but if u are in a nostalgic mood you might like it.
    hmmm, hell girl therefore is something I don't know yet, but I looked it up and it looks interesting. as soon as my download speed switches back to highspeed, I'll watch it and tell you how I liked it.
  5. So, you also got odds looks from others? But at least it seems you still had some others to talk to, lucky. Actually I don't really mind if people think I'm strange (I rather be strange than average) but not being able to exchange my thoughts on this topic was a little sad.
    therefore, haaaaaaaaaaah it's so refreshing to talk to you!
    Is it true that your collecting swords and stuff? If so, how come? Do u also like martial arts?
  6. ah, so u are more the anime type. well that's fine with me.
    oh, that's nice you already started in kindergarden too. For me Heidi was the first anime I watched back then although I never would have guessed that it was actually produced in Japan. I think I might have seen star blazers too, but I'm not so sure since the real cool animes rarely
    make their way to austrian TV (no internet back then). But the style is very nostalgic and reminds me of Captain Future (do u know it - the music was fun) which finally addicted me to animes - but still, I was born too early and had to wait for several years to fully enjoy them via internet.
    Hehe, I agree Lmao sure is cute!

    sorry, I'm writing too much and need to sent a second VM ...
  7. ok, I'm also happy to talk to new interesting people, so here I go!
    First of all, I am very pleased and surprised to meet someone around my age (which I kept a secret on profile since I thought it might scare people away)!
    Since it is already very hard to find SOMEONE (at least in real life) to talk about mangas/animes, it's almost impossible to find someone in my generation - since I'm from Austria a tiny country in the middle of Europe with a only a few shops offering mangas/animes placed in small dark corners on tiny bookshelfs (I guess u get my desperate situation).
    So what made u curious about manga/anime and since when did u start to like them?
  8. Oh ummm ok. I tried sending it to ur phone but i dont know if it worked
  9. Hey i try messageing you but you dont message back. Did i make you mad?
  10. thanks love. I love ya. I hope that you find someone slecial too.
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