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  1. Awww dangit. Thats ok, I have a bakugan Game for the DS.
  2. Lol yeah. that sounds like fun. And right now i am playing my pokemon Platinum game. it is so much fun. Lol Do you have a Pokemon game? if so can i have ur Friend code?
  3. Hiya how are you doing? i am happy right now and nothing can change that.
  4. Sigh.. I wish I could join in on those naruto and bleach manga convos those guys in the manga section always chat about ;c makin predications and what not.. I don't like those manga though! D;! ;c And the other manga sections are not my fav manga.. My favorite Manga is not mainstream and is on the brink of being dropped D:!! I write to Tsubaki the mangaka and she doesn't write back.. BUT IF SHE READS THEM THEN I HOPE SHE IS INSPIRED TO CONTINUE!
  5. OMG! The case of that poor boy in America! I rarely get news from America or Britain but when we do get news like this it's really.. something. They say the criminal courts in America are failing and they can't do anything to arrest a man that just shoots a unarmed teen boy.. I mean that's just terrible.. It's disgusting how someone can kill than go "Self Defense and Not Guilty" when if you run after someone.. they can attack you! I feel for that young boy and know that just because America can't do anything his soul and body will live long in Hell and never burn out. He will never be happy. I don't know if I'm getting the full story though.. It's mainly telling us about how America's courts are failing then the real story itself.. but I read more on it and I feel bad for his family..
  6. A queen? I'm talking about the Irish IRA the Irish Republican Army ;3 They we're against the queen and against Northern Ireland and protestants and British they we're just against everything xD Their still around today not officially but you have people who sometimes riot against Northern Ireland and they hand out fliers ;3 They don't run into buildings and blow themselves up anymore though. See.. We've evolved
  7. Yeah America and Ireland we're once colonies though Ireland really wasn't a colony.. more like we are our creepy lover who for some reason wants us by him and has hostages O_O!! We we're part of the U.K rofl.. Just like scotland and wales. The British called us Terrorists so by name.. we've beaten you >:] It's cause the IRA would go to Northern Ireland and blow up churches and government buildings. (Note they didn't dislike protestants they just wanted revenge.. they didn't handle it properly but eh.. it's made my day to day life what it is now)
  8. Oh, I have many british friends ^_^, No hate to them they just aren't taught what their government has and does really do.. And what they deny people just because they dislike change. Ignorance is not a bad thing but a thing that needs to be fixed ;3 This is common though for every country is biased right? If your country killed many people it will be written off as a "war". But in another country it's called a "Genocide at it's worst". I am sure my History is not 100% because i've always had Irish teachers and read from an Irish history book which tells different things then the British history books.. xD *-* And i'm sure your american books say different things then my british and irish books! Makes you think what do we really know about history if each group changes it little by little. Who knows maybe the eygptians were people obsessed with eating babies and it was just lost in history ^_^
  9. Doesn't offend me.. xD I've been called a drunk **** though a few times in London because I have a thick cork accent. *-* That could offend me xD! Patriotic people annoy me though only the british ones really annoy me, but when we shoot back words at them it doesn't do any good. But the British are pretty ignorant..
  10. ROFL! no.. that is not the common look at all and is a funny stereotype. We share many viking and british genes off of.. clearly why we're their neighbors. We have as many gingers here as you have in the U.S by percentage.. so you won't find like them everywhere and in large packs! Freckles also aren't very common but same as the ginger thing. Most common is brown hair with brown eyes.. rofl xD I have black hair with blue eyes XD
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