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  1. well
    i'm doing a lot better now
    so what's wrong with your middle name again
    i mean what's your real name anyway ?
  2. I.. Will not cook
    for no man! I need
    to be cooked for..
    Then again I like chinese
    food best he best just
    buy me pre-made food..
    Nom nom nom! I can't
    even use the oven anyhow..
    Mom's afraid i'll burn down the
    house but she also can't cook!
    We eat alot of microwave food..
    And take out food! ^_^
    *-* I have become a egg roll
    addict.. my dream is to be jabba
    the hut and have slaves feed me
    chinese noodles and fan me!
  3. If you mean getting something
    out of it like sex, that's a no
    He is reals scottish and that's a
    turn off.. he will be like a trophy
    husband.. But no.. my goal in life
    is to have a dramatic divorce..
    Is that strange? I've always was
    bored with weddings they are so
    EH.. but divorces are interesting and
    they get dramatic and everything about
    them is so fairytale like! <3
    So hopefully I get married and then divorced
    and the reason has to be my fault
    cause the mans always at fault..
    so if i'm at fault it's way more dramatic <3
  4. Oh we'll I made my pianist sign a contract
    stating he had to marry me in when i'm 26
    Whether or not he legally has to is unknown..
    I will be seeking that marriage though
    I have the documents stating he has to! >;O
    .. Lovely though it truely is and yes arranged marriages
    are lame.. Forced ones though for one parties
    pleasure seems fine though.. only damages one person
    arranged marriages damage two.. winning ;D
  5. .. Do you have a wife?
    I am going to be engaged in 10-12
    years it's already been decided
    I made a contract and everything >;o!
    I don't know if signing a contract legally
    binds him to marry me.. But you know..
    That will be dealt with when im 26
  6. What > I said you we're my age..
    Not kid like ;c.. I'm a sensitive lady..
    I pick up on these things like a hawk! ☼.☼
    But no I like how you act it's fun
  7. I love the dancing too it's really really cool.. I'm sorry slow response I don't forget people!
    :3 Are you really a adult? You seem..
    really young like my age
    except a more smarter
    and mature version of my age
  8. You should join all my games then I am currently addicted to Flower Shop, Country Life, Country life lite, Island Paradise and Zombie Island.
  9. I will have to check it out but my facebook is Leanna Megan Curry.
  10. I'm barely ever on here I'm normally on Facebook or talking to my boyfriend over the phone. I've just come on to see if AO got back to it's old self but now I'm sure I just don't really wanna come back when I leave today. Most of the people I liked are now banned and it's kinda sad. None of my old friends are on here anymore and the site just isn't active like it used to be. It's gone to hell.
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i like things simple and i think proper grammar isn't for everyone
someplace where the only light is the moon above
i collect swords,dagger's and knives
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I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
Isolate and save you from yourself


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