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  1. ok then i will and im glad you liked them .
  2. yaaaay, I got them now!
    well, the first ones were slightly out of focus but good enough to get an impression.
    they all are really very stylish, especially the handles have a beautiful design! my favorites are still the three japanese ones, they just have their own elegance and the color of their sheath is wonderful!
    thanks for sharing them with me and keep me informed as soon as you have new ones, I certainly like to see them too
  3. i sent the pictures i hope they turned out ok .
  4. ok i will go take the picture and send them then so brb
  5. allright, I checked my mail account again and received your test mail now. pfffuuhhh it worked maybe it just took very long, who knows
    ok, it should be fine to send the pics now.
    thanks for your efforts
  6. [email protected] <[email protected]>; thats the email im sending it to i can give you my email if it will be easier
  7. it might be in your junk mail maybe , but im am resending it though.
  8. it it was from amon at yahoo it was from me but i will resend just in case
  9. well it seems that mail wasn't from you. but the email I gave you is correct, which means no I didn't receive that test mail yet :/
  10. I'll check ....

    .... if the subject was 'LOVE this new bubble game', then yes
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