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  1. thats cool i will take some pics and send them to the email you gave me, i sent a test email did you get it?
  2. ah that's actually not as expensive as I thought - well I'm looking forward to receiveing your pictures and see how well you've been taken care of them
  3. the Z sword does have some weight to it and the blade does not look European it has a design to it which i will be taking a pic of as well. i got them from auctions and there not that expensive actually well not where i have been buying them the swords i have gotten have all been under a 100 bucks but im sure there worth more than that now because of how well i have been taking care of them.

    as for anything else i collect old money but thats is a slower thing for me to collect since there to pricey almost
  4. the sword with the marble handle must be a nice thing! yes, I'd like to se them all send your pics to [email protected] when you have them.
    the dragonball z sword looks pretty much like those europeans in the middle age I wonder how much different the one you have looks like. is it also as heavy?
    these things must have been quite expensive I guess. where do you get them from. not that i think I could afford one anyway, I'm just curious. but you sure have a nice and special hobby there.
    you collect anything else? other hobbies besides animes?
  5. there Chinese though i forgot to mention i have a sword with a marble handle its has different colours in it its really nice looking. and i got started on the hobby when i saw the z sword which i actually found a z sword its still in the box but it looks nothing like the z sword on the dragon ball series . i could email you some pictures of them all if you like
  6. so these 3 swords are all japanese ones, right? I also didn't know the name of the short sword which is used for seppuku but I looked it up cause I also wanted to know it's name - it's called tanto. nice, nice unfortunately your posted link didn't work but I found some pictures of hook swords anyway. the look very cool - just like in one of those typical old-fashioned kung-fu movies wouldbe nice to see someone dancing with these
    these dragon shaped handles are they in chinese or celtic style?
    btw how did you discover this hobby? though I know some people who are doing the same it's still quite rare.
  7. i have a set of 3 swords a small one and middle sized one and a regular sized one the smallest one is a suicide sword dont know the name of it though lol. and i have hook swords as well http://product_images_y.s3.amazonaws...l/wp-sw-90.jpg here is a picture of the hook swords . i also have some swords that have a dragon body for a handle and a few daggers that are really nice looking.
  8. hmmm, interesting. now I will imagine you doing some really fancy MA-moves while all the others around you will run and hide in order not to be accidently injured - hahaaa lol ok, seriously, what kind of swodrs are they - japanese style (I think they are most awesome)? I just love japanese culture and also martial arts - I was watching dozens of kung-fu movies since being little. and I also tryed some clubs offering different things, but most likely I also end up being injured pretty bad if I wold have to join a fight. I guess I'm just amazed by the beautiful movements in general.
    oooh, u don't know captain future - well I guess compared to the animes nowadays it's not that fancy, but if u are in a nostalgic mood you might like it.
    hmmm, hell girl therefore is something I don't know yet, but I looked it up and it looks interesting. as soon as my download speed switches back to highspeed, I'll watch it and tell you how I liked it.
  9. i do know some stuff but i would still get hurt lol and i collects swords and knives and daggers because the designs on some of them are really beautiful , and i am looking for things to collect. and i have never heard of captain future but i looked it up and it looks really cool show. i am also watching some new stuff like hell girl which is a really good show.
  10. So, you also got odds looks from others? But at least it seems you still had some others to talk to, lucky. Actually I don't really mind if people think I'm strange (I rather be strange than average) but not being able to exchange my thoughts on this topic was a little sad.
    therefore, haaaaaaaaaaah it's so refreshing to talk to you!
    Is it true that your collecting swords and stuff? If so, how come? Do u also like martial arts?
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