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  1. ah, so u are more the anime type. well that's fine with me.
    oh, that's nice you already started in kindergarden too. For me Heidi was the first anime I watched back then although I never would have guessed that it was actually produced in Japan. I think I might have seen star blazers too, but I'm not so sure since the real cool animes rarely
    make their way to austrian TV (no internet back then). But the style is very nostalgic and reminds me of Captain Future (do u know it - the music was fun) which finally addicted me to animes - but still, I was born too early and had to wait for several years to fully enjoy them via internet.
    Hehe, I agree Lmao sure is cute!

    sorry, I'm writing too much and need to sent a second VM ...
  2. what got me started was a anime called star blazers i was in kindergarten and a show called G force though that might not be the actually name of it but thats what i called it lol. i got hooked on it so badly i lost interest in American type cartoons until transformers G1 came out and silver hawks which sadly i can not find anyway on dvd 8(. i then a few years later found Voltron and which is an older cartoon but i never saw it till i was older lol. and then i saw dragon ball ans dragon ball z and i wanted to marry anime LMAO .

    and i know the feeling about not wanting to talk about anime and manga to others because they might give you odd looks unless they are into anime themselves , i have have only ever read one manga and that was the Blue Seed manga after seeing the anime that was based on the Manga . you should check it out if you haven't yet.
  3. ok, I'm also happy to talk to new interesting people, so here I go!
    First of all, I am very pleased and surprised to meet someone around my age (which I kept a secret on profile since I thought it might scare people away)!
    Since it is already very hard to find SOMEONE (at least in real life) to talk about mangas/animes, it's almost impossible to find someone in my generation - since I'm from Austria a tiny country in the middle of Europe with a only a few shops offering mangas/animes placed in small dark corners on tiny bookshelfs (I guess u get my desperate situation).
    So what made u curious about manga/anime and since when did u start to like them?
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