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  1. that sucks he isn't texting you back but most kids his age are distracted easily lol, so you gonna have to wait for him to grow a bit more before he takes anything serious but he is cool to have a round as a gopher , you know go get me this or go get me that XD lol. and im doing good just messing around the web looking for pictures to use on gimp im making new art for my DA account.
  2. So how r u this nice night lol I am so pissed off right now my new bf wont text me back and my leg is killing me
  3. that sucks , your gonna have extra practice when you get better then .
  4. Yep it does cuz im on the fencing team so now I cant practice with my team
  5. ouch lol that pretty much ruins your day .
  6. I fell at school in gym class and people fell on top of my leg and it went snap lol
  7. dang how did that happen .
  8. This sucks it went from my arm being hurt to me having a broken leg
  9. it could be a bruised muscle i arm was that way for a few weeks and im not sure how i bruised it .
  10. Im doing good just in a lot of pain my arm hurts and I don't know why
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